8 Ways To Keep A Senior Dog Comfortable

Senior dogs definitely have a special place in our hearts. Our canine pals usually become very sweet and affectionate in their golden years, and becomes more interested in getting belly rubs and ear scritches than in chasing squirrels. This is a special time in Fido’s life! As your pet ages, you’ll want to focus more on keeping him comfortable than in entertaining him. In this article, a Cameron Park, CA vet lists some great ways to pamper an older pup.


Massages can be very soothing and relaxing for both people and pets. If your furry buddy has chronic pain from arthritis or another condition, a good massage may help ease his aches and pains. Ask your vet for more information.

Warm Water Swims

This one won’t be right for all dogs: many pups, such as small pooches and brachycephalic dogs, just aren’t well-suited to swimming. However, if Fido has always enjoyed the water, a warm water swim may be a great way for him to stay in shape.

Paw Care

Overgrown nails are very problematic for our canine buddies. They’re quite uncomfortable, just as long toenails are for us. Fido may try to adjust his walking stride to compensate, which will strain his bones and joints. Keep your pup’s claws clipped!


Your canine pal may benefit from certain supplements in his golden years. Fish oil, for example, can be quite helpful for arthritic dogs, as it can help lubricate stiff bones and joints. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Comfy Beds

There are few sights more heartwarming than seeing a senior dog peacefully snoozing in a comfy doggy bed. Get Fido an orthopedic pet bed, so he can rest comfortably.

Pet Ramps

Fido may have trouble climbing stairs or getting in and out of cars. Pet ramps or stairs will help him get around.

Raised Dishes

Older dogs often find it easier to eat from raised dishes than from bowls on the floor. Give your furry friend’s dinnerware a pupgrade, and get him some elevated doggy bowls.


Dogs are amazingly loyal. Fido wants nothing more than to hang out with you. Pay lots of attention to your furry best friend, and make sure he feels loved and safe.

Please contact us, your local Cameron Park, CA vet clinic, for all your senior dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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