Understanding Fluffy’s Cattitude

Cats are quite temperamental little furballs. Fluffy can be loving and cuddly one minute, only to bite you the next. While we may never entirely understand our quirky feline friends, we do have a few educated guesses as to what makes them tick. Here, a Cameron Park, CA vet discusses kitty cattitude.


Cats are very purrticular about how and when they get cuddled, and for how long. It’s worth noting that humans aren’t allowed to know the exact rules kitties go by. Just suffice it to say that Fluffy will be equally annoyed by you paying her too much attention, too little attention, or the wrong kind of attention. And if you dare pet someone else’s cat, your feline buddy will not be happy!


While we can’t say for certain, we suspect that cats can and do hold grudges. However, they hold grudges on kitty time, which means that Fluffy reserves the right to get mad at you tomorrow for taking away the rubber band she was playing with two months ago.

Pet Peeves

Just like people, cats have specific likes and dislikes. We know about some of the things that annoy Fluffy, like dogs, baths, loud noises, car rides, and other kitties. These things can set your furball into fight-or-flight mode. However, there could be a whole list of things that, unbeknownst to us, also irk kitties. What’s on that list? Dust particles? The letter ‘A’? A lack of boxes? We may never know.

Your Tiny Lion

Cats are very capable predators in the wild, and they’re extremely proud of this. Every now and then, Fluffy will ambush you from behind a door or couch, just to make sure that you don’t forget how ferocious she is.

Fluffy, The Supreme Being

You may have heard the saying that cats have never forgotten the fact that the ancient Egyptians considered them sacred. There may be some truth to this. If you look at the Sphynx, you may notice that it conveys that same smug, self-satisfied air that we see in many housecats.


There’s another saying floating around on the internet that says ‘If cats could text us, they wouldn’t.’ This actually isn’t wrong. In fact, studies have shown that, yes, kitties do deliberately ignore their humans sometimes.

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