Giving Your Cat A Pill

Do you have to give your kitty medicine? This may strike fear into the thought of anyone owned by a cat. Kitties aren’t particularly cooperative when it comes to taking pills. We can help! Here, a Cameron Park, CA vet offers tips on giving Fluffy her medicine without ending up in the ER.


Try hiding the pill in Fluffy’s favorite treat. Chicken, tuna, salmon, and turkey are all good bets. However, you’ll need to watch her very closely to be sure she doesn’t spit it out.

Dress For Success

While full body armor is optional, we do recommend wearing thick jeans and long sleeves. This may help protect you from scratches.


Consider wrapping Fluffy in a towel, so she can’t scratch you. Of course, with some furballs, this can be challenging in and of itself.

Time It Right

Don’t interrupt Fluffy when she is eating, grooming herself, or using the litterbox. Pick a time when she’s feeling relaxed and cuddly.

Burn Extra Fuel

Tire Fluffy out with a fun play session. This may calm her down a bit, so she won’t be quite as feisty.

Try Some Butter

Coat the pill with butter or olive oil. This will make it slippery, which can make it easier to swallow. (Of course, it will also be easier for you to drop, so there’s that.)


When you’re ready, pick up the pill in one hand. With the other hand, grasp Fluffy’s head. Tilt her head back until her nose is pointing up. Use your finger to gently pry her mouth open, and then pop the pill in.


Once Fluffy has the pill in her mouth, hold her mouth closed and then gently rub her throat to encourage her to swallow it. You can also blow in her nose. You can also try putting a bit of water, broth, or tuna juice in her mouth with a syringe to help her swallow.

Try A Pet Piller

There are devices that are made specifically for pilling pets. These are worth a shot!

Take The Easy Route

No luck? Ask your vet if you can give Fluffy her medication in a different form, such as a liquid. You may even be able to get a flavored formula that she actually enjoys.

Please reach out to us, your Cameron Park, CA vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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