Fido’s Holiday Wish List

The holiday season is in full swing! It’s always cute to see little kids writing out their wish lists. If your canine buddy could write to Santa Claws, what do you think he would ask for? A local Cameron Park, CA vet lists some possibilities in this article.


Fido is super playful, so it’s no surprise to find toys in the number one spot. That happy dance dogs do when they realize they’ve just scored a new toy is super cute! Fill your pup’s stocking with fun playthings!


No surprises here. This one actually may belong at the top of the list.


Bacon may be Fido’s favorite treat, but your furry bff is also pretty enthusiastic about hamburger, sausage, beef, steak, cheese, and, well, too many other foods to list. Buy or make your pooch some treats, or share some plain, cooked, boneless meat, fish, or poultry with him.


Our canine companions love exploring new places and sniffing new plants and trees. Help make Fido’s dreams come true by bringing him to a new park, or trying out a new trail with him.


We know, bacon was already mentioned once. However, we suspect Fido would want to emphasize it a bit.

Car Rides

Fido and Fluffy couldn’t disagree more on this one. Most of our canine friends jump for joy when they realize they’re going for a drive. Our feline pals, on the other hand, are more likely to race for their favorite hiding spots. Go ahead and indulge your furry bff with a fun drive. Just keep your canine pal crated for travel. It’s much safer!

Endless Belly Rubs

It’s almost impossible not to smile at the blissful expression Fido puts on when you get that itchy spot. Ear scritches and back pats may also be on your pup’s wish list.


Did we forget to mention bacon?


Fido spends an impressive chunk of his day napping, though he doesn’t sleep quite as much as Fluffy. (Actually, nothing sleeps as much as Fluffy, aside from a few types of bats and possums, but that’s another topic.) Get your furry pal a comfy doggy bed to doze off in.

All of us here at Vet Healing Center El Dorado, your local Cameron Park, CA animal clinic, want to wish you and your pets a wonderful holiday season. Contact us anytime!

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