Cat Herding Tips

Did you know that December 15th is Cat Herder’s Day? We’re guessing probably not. Cat herding may seem like a bit of an oxymoron. After all, our feline pals are notoriously independent, and are more likely to train their humans than be trained. Has anyone ever successfully herded cats? Is it even possible? A Cameron Park, Ca vet offers a few possible options for cat herding below.


We may never entirely understand Fluffy’s box obsession, but we do know that it’s adorable. If you put an empty box down before your furball, she’ll most likely jump right in. This quirk isn’t restricted to house cats, either. Lions, tigers, and other big cats also love boxes. They just need larger ones.


Have you ever tried packing a suitcase with your feline friend nearby? Chances are, Fluffy tried to ‘pack’ herself. Maybe this was just her way of letting you know she didn’t want to be left behind!


Sunbeams are definitely on the list of Fluffy’s favorite things. Cats love sprawling out for a nap in a golden pool of light. (Note: kitties don’t run on solar power, but we’re not sure if anyone has told them that yet.)

Can Openers

For decades, running a can opener was a surefire way to call Fluffy. However, this one may be slowly falling by the wayside. While kitties of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s were can-opener trained, today’s feline is more attuned to the crack of a pop-top lid.


Cats often seize the opportunity to nap in a basket of clean laundry. Setting out numerous laundry baskets would be a tactical challenge, but it may just work!

Sheet Changing Time

We’re not sure why, but Fluffy just can’t seem to resist sheet-changing time. Changing your bedding is a definite way to herd your kitty into a bedroom.

Reverse Herding

We’ve listed some viable options for attracting cats, but what if you want to get Fluffy moving the opposite way? Try tossing a crumpled-up ball of paper in the direction you want her to go. Chances are, your pet’s hunting instincts will kick in, and she’ll race off after it! A laser pointer may also work.

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