Traveling With Birds

Are you planning to travel with your bird? There are some things to keep in mind before setting out. A Cameron Park, CA vet discusses traveling with Polly below.

Veterinary Care

Schedule a veterinary exam for Polly, and make sure there are no concerns about her traveling. You may need documentation, depending on where you’re going. If your pet needs wing, nail, and/or beak trims, see to that before you leave as well. Ask your vet to recommend supplements that combat stress.


You’ll want to pack a bag just for Polly. In addition to food, treats, and toys, you’ll also want to include cleaning supplies, such as liners and a scrub brush, and a bird-first aid kit.

Before You Leave

Give your feathered buddy a bath before leaving. It’s also important to get your bird used to their travel cage, especially if it’s new.


Drinking strange water can be dangerous in certain places. If you can’t bring water from home, buy bottled water, or make it safe by boiling or treating it.

Stick To A Routine

Birds are very much creatures of habit. Try to adhere to your normal routine, at least as much as possible. Just give Polly a few extra hours of sleep time nightly.


Every few hours, stop to give your bird a break. This is a good time to refresh her food and water. Your feathered pal may feel a bit stressed, so pay some attention to her. Needless to say, if you let Polly out of her cage, you’ll need to use a flight suit with a lanyard. The last thing you want is for your pet to escape while you’re away from home!


Every bird is different. Some may enjoy travel, while others may be quite frightened. If Polly seems nervous, ask your vet if boarding is a better option, or if there are medications that can calm her down. You may also want to keep Polly’s cage covered.


Are you staying at a hotel? Make sure to book smoke-free rooms! Fumes are very dangerous for birds!

Upon Arrival

Once you’ve reached your destination, put Polly in her regular cage. Put the cage in a spot that is quiet, but where she can still see and hear you.

Do you have questions about traveling with your bird? Contact us, your Cameron Park, CA vet clinic, today!

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