Fido’s Pet Peeves

Dogs are very charismatic, and have quite distinctive personalities. They also all have their own specific likes and dislikes. For instance, some pooches love swimming and car rides. Others? Not so much. That said, many pooches do have some common opinions on things they don’t like. A Cameron Park, CA vet lists some of them below.

Being Ignored

Our canine companions are extremely loving and loyal. Given the option, Fido would love to stay at your side 24/7. Your pooch may get very lonely and depressed if he spends too much time by himself. Pay lots of attention to your faithful pet!


Fido is adorable, loving, and loyal, but he isn’t perfect. Sooner or later, your furry pal will misbehave. He may chew up your shoes, chase the cat, or go through the trash. This may be frustrating, but reprimanding your mischievous pet isn’t the best way to handle this. Dogs don’t understand punishment: the concept doesn’t really translate into ‘dog.’ This may just make him feel scared, anxious, or confused. Focus on rewarding good behavior.

Not Enough Activity/Stimulation

Some pups are furry, four-legged rockets, while others are more like furry, four-legged couch potatoes. Regardless of where your pup falls on that spectrum, it’s important to make sure that he’s getting enough exercise and stimulation. If Fido gets bored and restless, he may turn to mischief to entertain himself.


Man’s Best Friend may enjoy swimming, but he’s much less enthusiastic about being bathed. However, even if your canine buddy doesn’t much care for the process of getting clean, he’ll both look and feel better with proper grooming. (Sorry, Fido, it’s for your own good.)


Shouting is definitely on the list of things dogs dislike. We can’t really blame Fido for this one. No one likes being yelled at!


Dogs can be very affectionate, and many of them love to cuddle. However, in doggy language, hugs are a sign of dominance. Fido may not mind hugs from you, but you should never hug a strange pup, or one that seems uneasy.


You may find that your four-legged friend has his own tastes. However, if you notice Fido acting uncharacteristically grumpy or withdrawn, call your vet. This can be a sign of pain or illness.

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