6 Great Ways to Celebrate Holistic Pet Day

August 30th is National Holistic Pets Day! What is holistic pet care? In a nutshell, it focuses on the whole being: mind, body, and spirit. Holistic pet treatments use natural techniques to help prevent and treat illnesses in a safe, wholesome, and effective manner. Many of the things we do here at Vet Healing Center, such as alternative cancer treatment, acupuncture, and herbal therapy, fall under the holistic umbrella. One of the great things about these treatments is that they can be used along with modern medicine. This approach allows us to give our patients the best of both worlds. A local Cameron Park, CA vet lists some great ways to honor this holiday below.

Make An Appointment

Does your pet seem stiff or sore? Do they have specific ailments or chronic pain? Holistic and/or integrative care may help your furry pal feel better. Ask us for more information.

Rid Your Home Of Toxins

Go through your home and weed out anything that could be toxic. You may be surprised at how many chemicals you have in your cupboards! This applies to yards as well. Some plants are extremely toxic to our animal friends! Sago palms, for instance, can be deadly to dogs, while lilies are poisonous to cats. Check the ASPCA site here for more information.


Your pet may not care about theories behind feng shui, but they will probably appreciate having their bed moved to a sunnier spot. Move things around a bit, with the purpose of decluttering and opening your space up. You may be surprised at how much brighter and cozier your place feels!

Product Recommendations

Holistic pet care also entails things like supplements and herbal medications. Your pet may also benefit from a different brand of food or shampoo. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Cook Something

Another option is to make some homemade food or treats for your pet. You’ll find some great recipes online. Just stick to ingredients that you know are safe.


Another important aspect of holistic care is that it focuses on emotional health as well. Your pet will be more than happy to join you as you relax or meditate. (Cats are purrticularly good at this!)

Please reach out to us, your local Cameron Park, CA vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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