Pet Bird Day

September 17th has gone to the birds: It’s Pet Bird Day! This is a newer pet holiday. In fact, it just started in 2019, when the Bird Enjoyment & Advantage Koalition (BEAK) announced the news. That said, we’re always happy to celebrate our feathered friends. A local Cameron Park, CA vet discusses pet birds below.

Benefits of Birds

Birds have many charms, but they aren’t as popular as dogs and cats. In fact, a recent study by the American Pet Products Association showed that only about 5 percent of American households have winged pets. That’s really too bad, because Polly is just as cute and fun as Fluffy and Fido. She’s also absolutely hilarious. It’s impossible not to smile when seeing a bird playfully dancing, singing, or just having fun. Just like dogs and cats, birds also become very attached to their humans. There’s something very special and beautiful about having a bird snuggle up to you, or hang out on your shoulder.

Adopting A Bird

Adopting any pet is a lifetime commitment. With birds, that can be a much longer commitment than with dogs or cats. Polly can live up to 50 years, or even longer! Lifespan isn’t the only thing to consider, however. It’s also important to find a bird that fits your household and lifestyle. You’ll want to look into Polly’s specific care needs, temperament, and, of course, her volume button. If you’re considering adopting a bird, but aren’t sure what type would be best for you, try taking the myBird quiz, which can be found here.

Making Polly’s Day

If you have a pet bird, then this is a great chance to spoil your winged buddy a bit. Toys and treats are always a great option. You can also brighten up Polly’s day by getting her a new perch or even a new cage. If your winged pal talks, consider teaching her a new word.

Helping Other Birds

If you aren’t ready to adopt a bird, you can still help birds that do need homes. There are some wonderful organizations that help our feathered pals. Of course, you can also make donations or volunteer for places that work with wild birds. Even though the holiday is geared towards pets, free ones could also use some help!

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