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Veterinary Technician
Crystal’s family constantly had dogs when she was growing up, and it took a while for young Crystal to realize that not all families owned pets! She couldn’t imagine her life without the companionship and love of animals, and always strives to do everything she can to connect with pets and animal lovers.

Born in Sacramento, Crystal moved with her family to Alaska when she was only six months old. They returned to Placerville when Crystal was in kindergarten. At 17, she applied for a Kennel Assistant position at Lake Forest Pet Hospital, eventually undergoing on-the-job training to become a Technician. She’s worked with Dr. Cahoon since February of 1998!

Crystal’s favorite part of her workday is serving as a problem-solver. Whether it’s an uncooperative patient, a client in a difficult situation, or even a simple scheduling issue, Crystal loves to work with pets and their owners in a flexible manner to accomplish a singular goal: achieving great health for pets.

Crystal and her husband of 13 years, Jason, have two wonderful children, Alyssa and Dylan. Their home wouldn’t be complete without Lincoln, a nine-year-old German shepherd who is an expert squirrel chaser, and Bozley, a ten-year-old yellow Lab who gets his exercise by chasing Lincoln.

In her free time, Crystal is an avid photographer and prefers snapping pictures of landscape scenes and pets. She’s currently working on her first online photography course to better her skills! She also likes educating herself on organic gardening and is looking forward to the summer’s crop of fruits and vegetables.
Reception Supervisor
Sarah has always been drawn to animals, even at a young age. She knew that a career in animal care was perfect for her!

Sarah grew up in Auburn, California and began her veterinary journey when she was hired at a small animal clinic in Nevada City. She was hired on here at the hospital in July of 2015 as a Veterinary Receptionist. Sarah says that the absolute best part of her job is when clients ask for her specifically to discuss their pet’s needs.

Sarah lives in Auburn with her family on their “funny farm”, which includes her longtime horse, Queenie, her Border Collie named Kaep, and several other furry farm animals. In her free time, she shows her Quarter Horse, Cracker and enjoys being out on the lake fishing.
Veterinary Technician
Heather grew up with just about every type of pet imaginable, and was constantly taking in critters who needed care or attention during her younger years. She’s adored animals ever since she could crawl! When Heather discovered the field of veterinary technology after high school, she knew that she’d found the perfect fit. She hasn’t looked back since—now, Heather is proud to serve as a Registered Veterinary Technician with the Veterinary Healing Center family.

Heather is a native of the Sacramento area and began working in veterinary clinics in 2005, when a doctor at a local overnight emergency hospital offered her a job upon seeing how well she applied a head wrap to her own dog. She started at a clinic in Folsom after beginning her studies in veterinary technology at Cosumnes River College, and continued to work in the area for nearly three years before joining the team at a Sacramento-based referral center. Heather served pets and their owners there for the next eight years before joining the Veterinary Healing Center team in July of 2016.

Around the clinic, Heather is particularly passionate about animal behavior and loves to share her personal observations with pet owners. She also likes critical care work, one-on-one patient nursing, and satisfying toenail-trimming sessions.

At home, Heather and her wonderful young daughter share their lives with five dogs: Turtle, a short-haired Dachshund/Chihuahua mix; a long-haired Chihuahua named Brytan; a short-haired Dachshund who goes by Lilly; Gemma the rat terrier/Chihuahua mix; and a long-haired Dachshund named Wendell. When she isn’t enjoying the company of her family or caring for pets’ needs here at the clinic, Heather likes to relax by reading a good book or tending to her garden.
Veterinary Technician
Heather is originally from Sacramento, California, but moved around quite a bit as a child. The one constant that she could always count on were the family pets! She’s never taken for granted the love, loyalty, and companionship that animals provide, and always wanted to do her part in giving something back. Now, Heather gets to live her dream on a daily basis as a member of the Veterinary Healing Center team.

After taking general education classes at Folsom Lake College, Heather decided to jump head-first into the veterinary industry by applying to Cosumnes River College’s veterinary technology program and gaining hands-on experience at an animal hospital. That’s where the Veterinary Healing Centers came in—she’s been a part of the family since February of 2016, and couldn’t be happier with her decision! Heather recently finished her schooling for her A.S. degree, passed her national and state exams, and is now a Registered Vet Tech! We couldn’t be more proud of Heather. Her favorite part of the Veterinary Field is client education and working hands on with the patients. Heather’s favorite type of patient is when we have spicey felines who require extra patience!

Aside from her interests in the animal-care world, Heather is an avid quilter and also likes relaxing in her hammock, reading, and spending time with her own pets at home. She and her mother live with a hyper and happy Golden Retreiver Mix, Kona, an energetic Border Collie Mix, Guinness, as well as a pair of loveable cats named Stitch and Mama Cat.
Lindsey has adored animals ever since her earliest memories. It wasn’t until she was a younger adult, though, that she learned about the Veterinary Technician profession. The more research she did, the more it made sense to her. For Lindsey, working as a Tech was simply the perfect choice!

A native of Sacramento, Lindsey graduated from Veterinary Technician school in September of 2013 and launched her animal-care career immediately afterward. She hasn’t looked back since! Lindsey spent several years working at the University of California-Davis, and while she loved her time there, she wanted to get back to the one-on-one client and patient interactions of general practice. It wasn’t long before she had signed on here at the Veterinary Healing Center of El Dorado Hills—Lindsey has been a member of the family since January of 2018.

Around the clinic, Lindsey likes monitoring hospitalized patients, bonding with the area’s pet owners, and learning something new nearly every day. She simply can’t imagine spending her days doing anything else!

Lindsey enjoys hiking and spending time in the great outdoors when she’s not at work. She has several pets at home, including two loveable cats and three dogs: Piper and Charlie, both Pit Bulls, and a three-legged Chihuahua named Alfred.
Jennifer’s family always kept dogs and cats while she was growing up, and she has fond memories of one of the barn cats having a litter of kittens. She absolutely loved taking care of all of the pets, and that passion simply never wavered. Being a veterinary professional is all that Jennifer has ever wanted to do! Now, she’s proud to serve as a Registered Veterinary Technician.

Jennifer is originally from Pasadena, California and moved to Auburn with her family at a young age. She was only 17 years old when she secured an occupational placement at an animal hospital in Auburn through her high school’s career placement program. After graduation, Jennifer got a full-time job at another local clinic, where she met many great doctors and Technicians and fell in love with the emergency side of veterinary care. Eventually, though, it was time for a change—Jennifer made the decision to return to general practice a few years ago. She joined the Veterinary Healing Center of El Dorado Hills family in June of 2009, and recently secured her Technician’s license and now helps the area’s pets and animal parents as a Registered Veterinary Technician.

Jennifer lives in Sacramento with her husband and son, a recent high-school graduate who now serves in the United States Air Force. The family has six cats and a dog, and they love to go camping and fishing in the great outdoors whenever they get the chance.

    • Holly Hallenbeck RoushHolly Hallenbeck Roush

      Tough visit this time since my dog has Lymphoma, but got lots of support and treatment options. Been bringing my pets here since 1997 with no complaints whatsoever. ��

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    • Sandy Wedekind DeKreekSandy Wedekind DeKreek

      We have been taking our Labrador to The Veterinary Healing Center for almost two years to treat her with eastern medicine/procedures for radiating pain from her neck to down her front leg. After about 6 acupuncture treatments and cervical formula powder supplements we saw a remarkable improvement! She went from limping and barely able to climb stairs to running around the yard and jumping into the pool! She was like a brand new dog! We continue with monthly maintenance treatments and we couldn’t be happier with the results! We now take our English Golden Retriever puppy there for checkups!

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    • Stephanie JonesStephanie Jones

      This place is full of the kindest, most compassionate people. Dr Mckerney is Zoey’s favorite and she has gone above and beyond to always give Zoey the best care. Even while Zoey is hospitalized, Dr Mckerney and the staff have checked on her regularly. It means the world to us 💜💜💜

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    • Chris DanleyChris Danley

      Dr Cahoon is a dedicated and skilled Vet who has cared for our Labrador for over 10 years. He is serious about finding solutions to problems and illnesses and has been very direct and honest about issues we have experienced. We love our dog as family though every few years he tries to kill himself in various ways and Dr Cahoon and the Veterinary Healing center has been there for us. For that we are very appreciative.

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    • Joy KnightJoy Knight

      I'm always comfortable taking my pets to see Dr. Cahoon, whether it's my rats or my dog he has always shown compassion. He never overcomplicates a situation or problem which always makes the visit a little bit easier. He has been seeing my 10 year old epileptic dog since he was a puppy and recently performed a very successful surgery on my rat(yes rat💗🐀 )

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    • Megan ShanahanMegan Shanahan

      I have been bringing my dogs and cats to Dr. Brad Cahoon for 15 years now. I trust him and his staff to care for and diagnose my pets. They are located conveniently and open 7 days a week. I won't go anywhere else!

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    • Craig RussellCraig Russell

      Been taking my dogs here for nearly 20 years

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